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Master Course in ECOHYDROLOGY


in three different countries


a new vision for aquatic ecosystem management

Aims of the course

The Ecohydrology master course aims to:

1 - provide an integrated perspective of global water issues, articulating natural sciences (hydrology and ecology) with social sciences (sociology and economy), at different regional areas

2 - develop and apply the scientific solutions for aquatic ecosystems restoration, using the Ecohydrology approach and based on understanding ecosystem properties

3 - develop and train the practical skills for water and ecosystems sampling, data analysis and processing

4 - develop and train the skills for scientifi writing of papers 

5 - educate high level staff, able to contribute to countries needs in terms of Ecohydrology approach, as stated in the UNESCO IHP Strategic Plan Phase VIII : Water Security, Responses to Local, Regional and Global Challenges , where Ecohydrology : engineering harmony for a sustainable world, is one of the 6 major themes approved by the 193 countries at UNESCO General Conference,

6 - contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as water is a cross cutting theme to all SDGs


By the end of the course you will be able to understand hydrology and ecology functioning of aquatic systems and how to use its funcions and properties to restore and protect aquatic ecosystems health. Also you will be able to manage participatory processes with stakeholders and other society actors, as well as you will be able to calculate the intrinsic value of the aquatic ecosystem services and their differents uses.

You will be able to understand processes, find the solutions and articualte at management level with society and governance levels




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