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Master Course in ECOHYDROLOGY


in three different countries


a new vision for aquatic ecosystem management

Thematic areas

Students have to study at least in three different universities (in this case also different countries) for at least 10-50 ECTS, in each, for the whole programme. A four HEI can be chosen for the thesis work.

The ECOHYD programme totals 120 ECTS and the teaching is structured in four thematic areas:

  • Understanding Function, Processes and Threats of Aquatic Ecosystems, Freshwater and Marine Systems (30 ECTS).
  • Toolbox for Applying Ecohydrology: Environmental Impact, Ecologic Modeling, Ecosystem Restoration, Sociology (30 ECTS).
  • Development of Personal Skills and Research Project Implementation (15 ECTS).
  • Specialization and Integration in Management and Engineering of Aquatic Ecosystems (15 ECTS Modules/Courses + 30 Thesis - 45 ECTS).
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